Counting Our Veggies

Please join us as we focus on learning about and trying one vegetable each week.

Week Seven: Fun with Veggie Art

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One of our favorite clothing brands, Polarn O. Pyret, is holding a contest. They are famous for their fun prints and they are asking their fans to create their own prints. Lucie and I worked on this veggie print together. We were inspired by her favorite Polarn O. Pyret dress with teapots on it and by our veggie blog. You can help us win a gift card by voting for our vegetable print here

Veggie Print

Here is a picture of Lucie in her favorite teapot dress.

Rainy GA Day_14

Wouldn’t a veggie print dress be fun!

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One thought on “Week Seven: Fun with Veggie Art

  1. I am glad that your art was a success.

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